Sip and Paint with Gina Welds

Date(s) - 07/19/2024
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Fireflies are synonymous with Summer.  Do you agree?

We can learn so much from these tiny creatures who light up the summer night.  During the day, they look an average bug.  But at night, their true beauty of illumination is revealed.

We, too, can be like a firefly lighting up our inner spirits for everyone to see.  We don’t have to be or look like a celebrity to emit a radiance of beauty.  All we need is to honor our true selves opening up our hearts and minds for our souls to shine. 

Fireflies remind us when we follow our truth and desires in our hearts, this inner light guides us on our path through the darkness.  It takes us straight through our self-doubts, fears and insecurities while bringing us closer to hope, inspiration and love.  Throughout this journey, we become connected to our authentic self leading us toward a more meaningful life filled with purpose and passion.

Watching a firefly in their pure radiance connects us to our inner child.  Remember a time when we dreamt of fantasy worlds where nothing was impossible? Let’s bring back this magic and wonder into our stressful, adult lives freeing out spirit. 

Fireflies serve as powerful and empowering reminders for anyone who sees them.  A little light shining bravely in the darkness, showing us that we are each worthy, that every person shines their own unique light, and in our own world, be represented in the global struggle for illumination.  Light over dark.  Positive over negative.  However tiny you are, your light still illuminates the darkness.

Join us for this beautiful and inspiring painting event, where we’ll enjoy your favorite beverage, have some meditation, engage in meaningful conversation, while painting this beautiful rendition of fireflies.

Investment:  $25.  All materials will be provided.
BYOB and/or meal
Light refreshments will be provided.
Register early to secure your spot.  Call 1-505-315-4527