Celebrating the life of Dixiana Reedy

Date(s) - 05/11/2024
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Celebration of the Life of 
Dixie Reedy

Rev. Robert Buck officiating


Dixie Reedy was born in St. Louis Missouri on February 16, 1933. She was born to a Catholic mother and a Presbyterian father, so she attended church twice on Sundays. She was interested in religion from that upbringing and hit the streets of St. Louis, visiting every church, synagogue, or house of worship.   She spoke to priest and rabbis and clergy men of every faith. Most of them told her “the word of God was the word of God. Do not question anything.” So began her journey of questioning everything.

She married and had three children, settling down and Titusville Florida. Later in life around the age of 50, after years of searching and studying, she found Unity. She spent the next 40 years studying more and becoming a licensed Unity teacher. Her passion was teaching and she did it with flare and humor! She served at Unity of Melbourne, Unity of Merritt Island, and Unity on the Space Coast in Florida.

She passed away January 29, 2024 at the age of 90. Those who loved her most remember her as a generous teacher, full of humor and laughter and love for all. There are so few who teach the walk an d actually live it, Dixie was one.