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Joshua Inacio
Saturday, January 19, 2019, 10:00am - 08:00pm

Sound & Vibrational Healing
Saturday, Jan 19

10—11:30 AM
  Joshua, through the use of toning, tuning forks,  singing bowls and chimes supports
your well-being and healing physically, emotionally and mentally.
Cost:  $20

Experience “The Current”
Noon—1 PM

Beyond meditation is the current of energy we are all part of. 
We enter into this energy simply by opening ourselves to both give and receive. 
No prior meditation experience is needed

Intuitive Readings
2—8 PM
Sessions support you in getting to the core of issues present in your life today and highlight energies
and situations moving through your life at the present time.
Areas of flow, strength, choices and paths are illuminated and made available that may be
otherwise hidden.

1/2 hour session $44—1 hour session - $88

Sign up in lobby or call for appt:  T,W,Th 9-4 (321-452-2625)


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