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New Year's Eve Burning Bowl Ceremony
Sunday, December 31, 2017, 07:00pm

Write a letter to yourself with your hopes and dreams and expectations for the New Year.  It will be mailed to you next December. 

Many Unity churches hold a Burning Bowl service at or near the New Year. This ceremony is meant to provide contemplative time to select ideas, thoughts and habits that no longer serve one’s highest good. Through meditation, these thoughts are revealed and are written on paper (typically flash paper) and then the paper is burned as a symbol of release. This ceremony creates space in consciousness to be filled with God thoughts, thoughts born from a higher consciousness.  Write down that which no longer serves you.  Walk to the burning bowl and place it in.  Release and Let Go.

This is a wonderful way to go into the new year with new hopes and dreams, releasing and letting go of the past.

Refreshments to follow!

Location : Sanctuary


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